Posted by: paulfbove | June 13, 2008

Left vs. Right Blogs

So the assignment for the week was to spend a few days reading a left-leaning blog and a red-leaning blog. Left = democrat, right = republican (trust me, I looked it up on the Wikipedia and they never lie). So what have I found? Well, not much because I’ve had limited time to do anything online, BECAUSE IT’S PRETTY DAMN IMPOSSIBLE TO TAKE DIGITAL CLASSES WHEN YOU HAVE NO INTERNET AT HOME! See, after recently moving, I tried to get Comcast service hooked up. Hell, they even came out the day after the move! Unprecedented. But that was way back on May 24. Now it is June 13 and still no Comcast. And what really burns me up is that I haven’t even been able to blog about how pissed I am at Comcast because I don’t have the ability to do it at home. My time at work is limited because, hey, even I have to work occasionally. Radical concept.

So thus far, here is my comparison of the quick scans I’ve done this week (I used FireDogLake and Redstate for the study).

Firedoglake looks friendlier and more fun.

Redstate looks bitchier.

And what really pisses me off, I’m currently on the phone with Verizon, who is giving me trouble, and ads for Verizon Fios just popped up on Redstate. So now I don’t like that site.

The fight isn’t over Redstate. Not by a longshot. You will be revisited. Oh, you will be. Because I still have to do my assignment.


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