Posted by: paulfbove | May 15, 2008

USAF Aids Myanmar

As I work on new media development, I like it when I get to see (hear) a great example of how to package a story. The DoD has something called the Bloggers Roundtable, which provides Podcasts, transcripts, stories, and photos and allows bloggers and journalists to participate in phone interviews to hear more about a story. This particular story and interview is about Capt. Trevor Hall, who flew the first U.S. relief flight to Burma (Myanmar).  You can read a news article about the airlift here and listen to the phone interview Podcast here. There you’ll see a headline that says, “Pilot of First Burma Relief Mission Describes Experience”. Just click play to listen or click the other links for more material.

I’m a fan of the Bloggers Roundtable because it is a way for the DoD to grant more accesiblity to bloggers who are interested in writing about the military. It is the bloggers chance to participate in an event and become part of the conversation. I’m currently the Air Force POC for a new working group with the DoD New Media organization and it is interesting to hear the challenges that the other service branches are facing. We had our first meeting a couple weeks ago with representation from DoD, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Army, and Coast Guard. One particular obstacle we all face comes in the form of security regulations that are imposed on the miliatary computer networks. There is also the issue of explaining new media to older people in leadership and getting approval to work on new projects. Hopefully, the success and examples from DoD will help open possibilities for the rest of us.

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