Posted by: paulfbove | April 29, 2008

If You Haven’t Read it Yet, It’s New to You.

Below are a couple interesting items regarding Web 2.0 that I found interesting today.

1) Humorous look (albeit sadly accurate!) at the maladies of social media addicts.

Seven psychological complaints of bloggers and social media addicts, from the Online Journalism Blog

2) I like this post from daylife, about the impact and trends in social media, because it includes an article from July 16, 2004, when blogging and social media were still in their infancy. Read the article if you have a chance. There is also a link to a study by Universal McCann called, “Power to the People Social Media Tracker. Wave.3” It’s an 80-page study, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of it, but so far it’s very informative and useful.

3) I’ve been following this news to see what happens next: The Coast Guard is getting ready to “lay out their policy for blogs and other new media.” Read here for more on it. I’m always interested to see how the various armed forces branches, and other government entities, handle social media. I’ve been busy writing new-media policies (blogging, YouTube, and Wikipedia so far) for the branch that flies and it’s kind of an uphill battle. Just when we think that we have a fair policy that abides by OPSEC guidelines, something else changes and it’s back to the drawing board. So I’m curious if the Coast Guard will have a fair shake and if the OPSEC folks there have been reading the Internet discussions about DoD guidelines and the opinions of the people who serve.

Overall, I guess a way to wrap this up is in terms of the article cited above from 2004. We are now in 2008 and people are still afraid of social media. You would think that more has changed in 4 years. Web 2.0 itself has certainly changed, but opinions are still slow to adapt. That makes the successful implementation of Web 2.0 applications a real challenge. Everybody wants to throw around buzzwords and scream out “We need a presence on YouTube!!!!” or “Where’s our MySpace page?????” But when you go in and try to create that presence or page and you are blocked from doing so, isn’t it a bit counterintuitive? I think it is. So perhaps this is my plea to network security admins, OPSEC folks, IA, and anybody else who makes decisions on what to block from a network–DON’T FEAR WEB 2.0!! It’s not that scary and your network will not break. If you’re really worried, allow us to download Firefox. Or better yet, include it on our desktops. And if you’re trying to block information and applications from the rank and file, always remember that we have ways of working around most of the basic blockages with a little creative engineering.


  1. Great post – very insightful! It is true – companies (and some people), as much as they are ‘pro-web2.0’ – when it comes time to put your money where your mouth is – back off. There still is the control ‘thang. Then there is fear of openness (and possibly litigation). But then, on the other hand, the companies that embrace it and run with it – like the FaceBooks and Diggs of the world – look at them go!

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