Posted by: paulfbove | April 21, 2008

Why am I writing about cupcakes??

So I was checking out the blogs of my classmates and today I came upon a post by my classmate Gregg. It’s about cupcakes. It crossed my eye because I had a cupcake moment last week as well, which is perhaps odd for someone who claims to eschew sweets (I’ll admit to a fondness for a piece of carrot or red velvet cake if offered). My own moment came two weeks ago at brunch. A few of us were discussing the fact that my friend Doug doesn’t like cake. He likes pie, cookies, and other desserts, but not cake. I can understand not liking certain kinds of cake, but to not like cake as a whole is just weird. Anyway, I inquired if anybody had yet been to the new Georgetown Cupcake. He said he had tried to go a couple weeks ago, but the line was down the block, so he went to Baked and Wired instead. I stated that I should try to get there before class. Doug’s wife said that she believe they close earlier than my class time, so it might be hard to do.

Now, the serendipitous moment for me came last Tuesday, just a few days after that whole cupcake discussion. I was again reading classmates’ blogs and I happened upon the a post from my classmate Shari, stating that she had tried Georgetown Cupcakes. So the cakes went into my mind again. I checked out their Website to see exactly where it was located and what their hours are. It was a very warm day, so I decided to walk home instead of hitting the gym. On nice days I like to walk from my office in Ballston to my house in Georgetown. A walk outside beats a walk in the gym any day. As I got into Georgetown, I decided to see where the cupcakery was located and was surprised to find it open! So I got a couple treats and tried the Chocolate Coconut, which I found to be very tasty. I was impressed that they make a little dent in the top of the cake so that the frosting goes down a bit rather than just sitting on the surface. As it turns out, the place is open until 7:00 PM on most weekdays.

And there is why I’m writing about cupcakes. I actually believe that higher powers make me think about cupcakes more frequently than I would figure. All day at work or home I listen to a listener-supported radio station (KEXP) from Seattle. Cupcake Royale, a Seattle cupcakery, provides sponsorhip of the radio station, which means I frequently hear ads for them. One of these days I’ll try their cakes and let you know how it goes.

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  1. Yeah, you get addicted to cupcakes – especially those Georgetown Cupcakes.

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