Posted by: paulfbove | April 17, 2008

Time for Social Media? Yes, But Barely

So a big buzz blog going around currently (oh daaaaaamnnnn, did you feel that alliteration? Awwww yeah. . . ) discusses how much time social media takes out of your day. (The intial post I read on the subject was on ReadWriteWeb (click above), and it referenced the original post.)  According to the post, I am a Community Director. While I feel I’m not qualified to direct traffic (which I actually did for a summer in Connecticut), I guess the amount of time I put on Web 2.0 does make me a director of sorts. I’m the technology lead for our new media group at work and I start new Web 2.0 applications from scratch. That’s directing, right?

Here’s the main thing though. Between the hours spent working Web 2.0 for work and personal time, it really adds up. As an example, today I was researching Wikipedia for work. Between checking various entries on the site, reading policies and other information, and emailing other people I know to get their opinions on the subject, 3+ hours had passed. And I’m still not done. Damn! I’m supposed to be cleaning my desk to move to a new office tomorrow! The time suck that Web 2.0 can create is staggering. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it, but I’m scared of any new technology at this point because I can’t handle any more commitment. That’s part of the reason I haven’t signed up for Twitter yet. I just feel that Twitter would really begin to take my time.

To that end, I’ve always wanted to list for myself the various ways I connect online or in some electronic way. Without further ado

  1. Work email
  2. Company email (different than work)
  3. School email
  4. Yahoo email
  5. Second Yahoo email account
  6. Google email (rarely used)
  7. Yahoo chat
  8. Work chat (rarely used)
  9. Facebook
  10. LinkedIn
  11. MySpace page for work
  12. YouTube page for work (x2)
  13. Wikipedia page for work
  14. Blogs (x2)
  15. entries
  16. Communities of Practice at work (x5)
  17. Work Website for which I’m the Webmaster/Content Manager
  18. Text messaging on Cell phone
  19. Discussion boards (x2)
  20. Internal work wiki

I feel like it’s confessional here! These forays into Web 2.0 (and other general technology) barely scratch the surface for some people. But as you can see, Social Media, New Media, Web 2.0, whatever you want to call it, all takes a lot of time. And it gets harder and harder to figure out how to plan that time accordingly.


  1. I saw that same article on ReadWriteWeb and it actually gave me piece of mind knowing it was ok that I had not jump head first into the social media world. It’s because Im too busy doing everyday life things!! lol!

  2. […] really.. you should check it out)   I came across a post on PFB is Listening. The post , entitled Time for Social Media- Yes, but barely! really got me thinking about the idea of the amount of  time needed to be active in the social […]

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