Posted by: paulfbove | February 13, 2008

China’s Censorship Netcops

Chinese NetcopsSo, The Search touched on censorship issues between Google and China (albeit outdated now) and the problems with China’s oppressive censorship laws. That section discussed the probability that Google bowed to Chinese pressure so as not to miss out on a massive advertising opportunity. At issue more than what Google does or does not do is the Communist regime of China and their strict censorship. To dictate what appears on your Internet search engine is unconscionable, but that’s what the Chinese deal with daily. And the effort has been amped up in recent months. In the fall of 2007, there were numerous articles about the new Internet police officers being implemented by the government. These animated graphics provide a constant reminder to the citizens that they arebeing watched and that they should stay away from “illegal” content. The animation is in addition to the thousands of actual Internet police employed by China. Below are a couple of examples of the Internet police that one would encounter on their computer if they accessed a site on China’s no-no list.  Also, here’s an article from 2007 where Brin and Page from Google admitted that their censorship of the Chinese Google was bad for the company. 

Female NetCop      NetCops



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